Industrial Cadets is an industry-led quality standard, accrediting work-related experiences for young people, whilst creating skilled future workforce for UK industry.

Over the last few years, Industrial Cadets has been working closely with the Aerospace Growth Partnership, to specifically tackle skills shortages in the Aerospace Industry and to raise awareness of the exciting careers available in Aerospace organisations.

Students taking part in the Flying Start Challenge will be part of the Aerospace Industrial Cadets Programme and the sponsoring employers are recognised as making a significant contribution to inspiring young people into such an important and growing industry.

The Flying Start Challenge is accredited by Industrial Cadets at Bronze Level, and upon completion of the challenge, each individual Cadet who has committed to at least 20 hours to the project, receives a Bronze Level Award, certificate and badge to reward them and highlight the skills they have achieved.

To find out more, visit the Industrial Cadets website.

It was a great insight about the jobs around the steel industry.

Callum Lessels

Student, Rye Hills School

I would now consider working in local industry because I enjoyed my visit to Tata Steel and watching the type of work that different people there do.

Thomas Crosby

Student, Rye Hills School